PGS & CCS Genetic Screening

Costs $5K and fiercely debated by doctors

Some doctors think it prevents miscarriage, others think we’re taking needless risk.

In 5 Lessons We Tackle Every Issue

Reduced miscarriage, risks of biopsy, creating a hierarchy with mosaic embryos, dissolution of good embryos, return on investment and more

PGS & CCS Genetic Screening
The most controversial, and confusing, topic in fertility today
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Learnings from over 25 top studies and insight from experts on fertility, PGS lab testing, genetics and more

Pro Tips & Checklists

Concrete action plans and frameworks to plan every major decision along the way, training you to ask the right questions

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Lesson Plan

We cover the benefits of PGS, and their magnitude. We dissect the subject of mosaicism and how it helps to construct a hierarchy of which embryos to transfer. We train patients to ask the relevant questions of their clinic, clinic’s laboratory, and reference laboratory before signing on to do PGS. Finally, we address the risk around damage during biopsy, how often useful embryos are being discarded, and how the investment in PGS looks for women of different ages.

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